Top 10 Safety Tips for Using Motion Free

It’s a shame that a majority of people do not think twice about applying over-the-counter (OTC) creams, lotions, ointments, patches and sprays to the skin.

And this is usually the case with Motion Free

Though Motion Free is 100% organic and natural, improper usage of this cream can result in a myriad of side effects.

Remember that the “medicine” in Motion Free, can enter the body, just like medicines take by mouth.

Though harm does not happen quite often when using topical creams applied to the skin, it`s prudent that you follow directions and heed to the warning on the user manual, as 
well as instruction on the Drug act label on all OTC drugs.

And in the article below, we shall explore the top 10 safety tips that you should adhere to when using Motion Free.

1) Only use Motion Free on the affected region, and never use them for any other purposes including using them as moisturizers. While this sounds funny and lame, but you may never know what people are always up to.

2) Never use Motion Free under nappies, or any form of dressing, unless your doctor instructs you to. Applying the cream under a dressing will make it easier for the cream to pass through the skin, into your body, and this might put you at risk of unwanted effects.

3) Never use Motion Free on the face unless your physician instructs you to, which is quite rare. In most cases, if you`re to use it on your face, you should use it for not more than 5 to 7 days. And while at it, it`s crucial to ensure that the cream does not come into contact with your eyes.

4) It’s important to realize that some of the skin areas such as the raw skin, thin skin, genitals, the ace, and areas that are often rubbing against each other such as beneath the breast, armpits or the areas between the buttocks absorb more medicine than other areas. As such, when applying Motion Free to these areas, it`s crucial that you take extra care, and apply the cream even more thinly.

5) Like any other topical cream, the use of Motion Free for a long period on a large part of your skin can result in the absorption of too much medicine in your body. As a consequence, this can result in thinning and weakening of the skin and other side effects. Therefore, it`s wise to consult with your physician if you experience any skin irritations or unusual conditions.

6) Depending on the type and material of clothing you`re using, you may find that the use of Motion Free stains your clothes. To prevent staining on cloth, place a cotton bandage or clean cloth over the affected region, but while at it, ensure you don`t cover the region with an airtight dressing.

7) In case you accidentally get Motion Free to your eyes, rinse it out immediately with flowing clean water, and consult your doctor

8) Do not use Motion Free after the expiry date has reached

9) If you forget to apply the cream, apply the correct dose when you remember and 
carry on with the does as before

10) Whatever the case, always follow on the instruction manual printed on Motion Free.

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